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Why Payroll Outsourcing?

VPO support you to concentrate on your core business

Why Payroll Outsourcing? Why Payroll Outsourcing?

1. Drive business
Stop routine and time-consuming work and shift to value-added work and core businesses.
Let's drive your business with VPO.
2. Reduce Cost
Our trained payroll specialists keep on top of ever-changing laws so you do not have to.
And we can eliminate the risk of payroll fraud.
3. Security
Our team provides efficient and secure services
using the latest IT technologies. VPO guarantees the security of your confidential information.

Get your Team working
with VPO

VPO is a group of experienced professionals

Get your Team working with VPO Get your Team working with VPO

1. Vietnam’s Largest
Accounting Firm Group
VPO is a member of the I-GLOCAL group,
which was founded in 2003 and is
one of the largest accounting firm groups in Vietnam.
2. Highly Experienced Compliance
We have a wealth of experience in internal audits,fraud investigation, and compliance consulting.We also feature some staff qualified as Certified Fraud Examiners.
3. Specialized Payroll
VPO has created a specialized payroll team so that you can assign the work to us with peace of mind for guaranteed security and smooth workflow.

About US

Less Work with VPO

And there is more! Here are additional benefits you can enjoy
when using VPO’s payroll service:

  • User-friendly system
    for viewing process status...
  • Multiple reports can be accessed...
  • Salary transfer on behalf
    of the customer...
  • Easy payroll tax filing and tracking...
  • Keep up with payroll demand
    when your business expands...
    Our Service
  • Less Work with VPO

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