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Payroll Outsourcing Services

Clients can choose to implement a full package of payroll services or some of the following services. Our System can be used in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese languages

Payroll Outsourcing ServicesPayroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Control
  • Flexible system to be set up and tailored to meet clients’ specific needs
  • Standardized process and verification of data input and output reports to minimize human errors and ensure accuracy
  • Many standard payroll reports available to clients as well as customized reports available upon clients’ requests
Personal Income Tax Management

We complete all necessary declarations, filings and payments (when applicable) related to Personal Income Tax (PIT) payments for employees. They include:

  • Obtaining tax codes for new employees
  • Completing monthly tax declarations, filings and payments
  • Issuing tax receipts to employees
  • Preparing tax finalization at year-end
Personal Income Tax Finalization for Individuals and Corporates
  • Tax finalization service available for non-payroll clients
  • Available for all types of clients including Vietnamese, foreign entities and employers
  • Service scope is customized based on each client’s needs
Leave and Overtime Control

Clients can choose to use their existing Leave & Overtime control system, or use the control module in our system as follows:

  • No need for investment in software, servers or IT infrastructure (cloud service)
  • Easy customization to meet client’s needs which directly links to our payroll system
  • Management of all types of leave and overtime policies are available
  • Ease of use in registration and approval of leave and overtime requests via secured website
  • Many standardized leave and overtime reports available for HR and management purposes

Additional Services

We take care of all activities related to compulsory insurance such as social insurance (SI), health insurance (HI), and unemployment insurance (UI). These activities include:

  • Administration Work Agency
  • Pay Slip Generation and Distribution
  • Employee Queries

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